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TransLimm: Center for TransLational Immunology

The TransLimm network was initiated with the aim of translating knowledge obtained from basic immunological research into the treatment of tumor and autoimmune diseases as fast and as effectively as possible. The combination of excellent basic research and professional clinical applications will not only broaden the spectrum of vaccination strategies and the development of effective vaccines; it will also provide an impetus for the design of immunotherapies using novel substances (synthetic peptides and RNA) as well as components of the immune system itself, such as cytokines, antibodies and cells. In principle, the immune system is certainly capable of recognizing and destroying malignant tumors. If scientists and clinicians succeed in tapping this particular feature, immunotherapy promises to become the most efficient method for combating cancer and one that is far superior to all standard procedures currently in use.

With TransLimm, we intend to make a significant contribution to applied medicine by turning excellent immunological research results obtained at the Tübingen Eberhard Karls University into innovative drugs and novel vaccines for the treatment of cancer and immune diseases. The research expertise in the areas of medicine and the natural sciences, which characterizes the immunology network in and around Tübingen, is further strengthened by long-standing, close relationships with regional biotech companies. Thus, TransLimm is also a major player in creating future-oriented jobs and in supporting the long-term commitment of companies to their location or even attracting new biotechnological enterprises to the area.

An important milestone for the TransLimm consortium was the recent official opening of the Center for Good Manufacturing Practice at the University Hospital in Tübingen. Patient-individual vaccines and antibodies for use in the treatment of cancer can now be produced on the premises of the GMP Center in accordance with the EU pharmaceutical guidelines. Tübingen is thus the first University in Germany with the authorization to produce novel substances in the form of peptides and antibodies in pharmaceutical quality for use in clinical trials. The new GMP facility provides a unique opportunity to transform relevant scientific findings into novel innovative therapies for the benefit of the patient.


Tübingen's new GMP center, inaugurated in July 2010,is located next to the blood banks and consists of 6 clean-air and aseptic grade A, B and C GMP suites with airlocks and dedicated areas for garment changing, sterilization, logistics and cold rooms.