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SFB 685

SFB 685
Immunotherapy: Molecular Basis and Clinical Application

One of the major aims of the Collaborative Research Center 685 is to explore the fundamental principles of immunology and to incorporate this knowledge as rapidly as possible into clinical applications for the benefit of the patient. The groups that comprise the SFB 685 have already achieved excellent results and this, together with their long-standing expertise in transferring novel findings into clinical use, provides an ideal setting for innovative, translational research. The focus on the immune response against cancer parallel to autoimmunity paves the way for synergy effects that arise from the joint investigation of problems relevant for both areas, for example in the form of new impulses. Within the SFB this includes the treatment of leukemia by means of the adoptive transfer of NK- and T cells as well as the treatment of solid and hematopoietic tumors using innovative antibody constructs and fusion proteins. One of the unique characteristics of the work carried out in Tübingen is the establishment of a genome-sequence based, molecularly defined immunotherapy which enables the GMP production of synthetic peptides specifically designed for the treatment of each individual patient. In addition to this, our main objective is to begin the first phase of clinical trials involving antibody structures developed by our research groups under strict GMP conditions here at the University of Tübingen. We have set ourselves concrete plans for the next years which revolve around the development of effective immunotherapies for treating cancer and – at a later point in time – for treating autoimmune diseases. At the very least, at the end of this period we hope to have gone a long way toward achieving these aims. The design and development of innovative and effective biotherapeutics is one of the major challenges for all those whose ambition is to create modern, efficient and well tolerated drugs for the future.

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