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The lab is well-versed in the following molecular biology, cell biological and immunological techniques:

  • Gateway Ligation-independent cloning
  • LUMIER interaction screening
  • Reporter assays, e.g. dual luciferase NF-kB activation
  • Bioluminescence resonance energy transfer (BRET) for intramolecular conformation analysis or intermolecular interaction questions in living cells
  • RT qPCR
  • SNP genotyping and mutation analysis
  • Immunoprecipitation and immunoblot
  • WES (ProteinSimple) quantitative immuno-protein analysis
  • Live cell confocal microscopy
  • Immunofluorescence of human and mouse tissues
  • Flow cytometry (including ICS)
  • Lentiviral transduction
  • Isolation, manipulation and functional analysis of primary human monocytes, macrophages, B cells,  neutrophils and keratinocytes
  • Whole blood assays
  • In vivo experiments