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Group members

Prof. Dr. Alex Weber
Group leader

Ana Tapia Abellan, Dr. rer. nat.
Research assistant (Postdoc)

"After complete my PhD and Postdoc in Spain, I joined Alex lab as a Senior Postdoc. My research is focused on inflammasomes, specifically in the NLRP3 inflammasome. My goal is to understand the molecular mechanisms behind NLRP3 activation."

Stefanie Bugl, Dr. rer. nat.
Research assistant (Postdoc, part-time)

Xiao Liu, Dr. rer. nat.
Research assistant (Postdoc)

"My main research focus is to decipher which cell death pathway Staphylococcus aureus employs to exit from within macrophages, which are the inducing factors, and what is the role of inflammasomes in this whole process."



Bettina Danker, Dr. rer. nat

Personal assistant

Gaopeng Li,

PhD Student

"My project was about unconventional flagellin as regulator of intestinal inflammation. And especially, we are very interested in the flagellin from E. coli Nissle 1917 flagellin and its role on the intestine microenvironment under both healthy and intestine inflammatory disease conditions."

Tzu Hsuan Chang

PhD Student

"My PhD research is focusing on chitin recognition on innate immune receptors, specifically the role of chitinases in generating activating ligands from chitin-rich organism like house dust mite and Candida albicans."

Sangeetha Shankar

PhD Student

"I graduated from India in Bioengineering and moved to University of Glasgow to pursue my Master of Research degree in Biomedical Sciences. Having discovered a passion for Immunology during my Masters, I am happy to have joined in Alex Weber’s group in Tübingen to pursue my PhD. I am currently working in NLRP3 inflammasome and inters interaction with Bruton’s Tyrosine Kinase (BTK. Outside the lab, I am fond of travelling and I enjoy sketching and singing."

Francesca Bork

PhD Student

"I came to Tübingen in 2017 and accomplished my Master in Molecular Cell Biology and Immunology. I joined the lab in April 2019 for my Master thesis and continued with my PhD in October the same year, investigating the role of RNA in neutrophil extracellular traps."

Carsten Greve

PhD Student

"After completing my Master in Molecular Cell Biology and Immunology and my Master thesis in Immunology, I joined the lab in March 2020. In my project, I study the sensing of bacterial and endogenous RNA in keratinocytes."

Maria Mateo Tortola

PhD Student

"During my Masters I discovered my true passion, understanding the complex network that encompasses the immune system. In October 2020, I joined the lab of Alexander Weber under the supervision of Ana Tapia, where we try to uncover the molecular mechanisms behind inflammasome activation."

Pujan Engels

PhD Student

Johanna Jakob
PhD student

"My project focusses on the role of the bacterial flagellum in mediating the anti-inflammatory response of the probiotic strain E.coli Nissle 1917. This strain is used as a treatment option for inflammatory bowel disease patients."

Jelena Grga

Research Assistant

Jelena was born in Belgrade, Serbia where she also finished her Bachelor's studies in Biochemistry at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Chemistry. She finished her Master's studies in Structural and functional biochemistry at the University Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, France. Currently, she is here in Tübingen as a Research Assistant in the AG Weber working on NLRP3 inflammasome.



Support Staff (HiWi):

Ana-Maria Nitulescu, Kim Hebbel, Lea-Sahra Schuster, Doreen Klingler

Previous lab members:

Yamel, Cardona Gloria, Sabine Dickhöfer, Andrea Dobler, Bittner Zsofia, Dang Minh, Delmiro Magno, El Maadidi Souhayla, Fode Judith, Fuchs Katharina, Herster Franziska, Klimosch Sascha, Nelde Annika, Obermüller Carina, Pichulik Tica, Sanmuganatham Tharmila, Schüssler Moritz, Tuzcu Yesim, Wang Hui, Wolz Olaf-Oliver


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