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Group members

April 2014

Prof. Dr. Alex Weber
Group leader

Sabine Dickhöfer
Lab manager

Andrea Dobler
Technician (part-time)

Annika Erbacher, Dr. rer. nat
Coordinator teaching (part-time)

Minh Dang, PhD
Research assistant (postdoc)

Oliver Wolz
Research assistant (postdoc)

Zsofia Bittner
PhD student

Xiao Liu
PhD student

Tharmila Sanmuganatham
PhD student

Yamel Cardona Gloria
PhD student

Franziska Herster
PhD student


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Previous lab members

Moritz Schüssler, Sascha Klimosch, Souhayla El Maadidi, Hui Wang, Magno Delmiro, Tica Pichulik, Annika Nelde, Yesim Tuzcu, Katharina Fuchs, Judith Fode,