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Director´s Office

Director´s Office: Team members

Team members

From left to right:

Hans-Georg Rammensee (Director and Head of Department)
Lynne Yakes (Personal Assistant) - retired
Jürgen Frank (Scientific Administration)
Carmen Höner (Office Management)


Carmen Höner (Office Management)

Tel.:    +49-7071-29 87628
Fax:    +49-7071-29 5653
e-mail: carmen.hoener (@)


Stefanie Bugl (Teaching Coordination)

Tel.:    +49-7071-29 87728
Fax:    +49-7071-29 5653
e-mail: stefanie.bugl (@)


Lynne Yakes (Personal Assistant) - retired


Jürgen Frank (Scientific Management and Administration)

Tel.:    +49-7071-29 77647
Fax:    +49-7071-29 5891
e-mail: juergen.frank (@)


Gerhard Hörr (Financial Administration)

Tel.:    +49-7071-29 87728
Fax:    +49-7071-29 5653
e-mail: gerhard.hoerr (@)