The conference “Novel Concepts in Innate Immunity” was held from 23-25 September 2015 in Tübingen in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the discovery of the Toll receptor gene in Tübingen. Apart from the internationally acclaimed Nobel Laureates Prof. Christiane Nüsslein-Vollhard (Tübingen, DE) and Prof. Jules Hoffmann (Strasbourg, FR), the conference featured several exciting sessions and additional speakers (see below) and was attended by an international audience of nearly 200 scientists. Plans are under way for holding another NCII meeting in Tübingen in 2017.



• Pattern recognition receptors

• Inflammation and inflammasomes

• Innate lymphoid cells

• Granulocytes and myeloid suppressor cells

• Host-Microbiome interaction

• Antifungal innate responses

• Antiviral innate responses

• Innate immunity and disease

Confirmed speakers/chairs

• Bufler, Philip; Munich, DE

• Cerwenka, Heidi; Heidelberg, DE

• Diefenbach, Andreas; Mainz, DE

• Finke, Daniela; Basel, CH

• Gilliet, Michel; Lausanne, CH

• Haller, Dirk; Freising, DE

• Henneke, Philipp; Freiburg, DE

• Hoffmann, Jules; Strasbourg, FR

• Hornef, Matthias; Hannover, DE

• Hornung, Veit; Bonn, DE

• Latz, Eicke; Bonn, DE

• Leibundgut-Landmann, Salomé; Zurich, CH

• Lutz, Manfred; Würzburg, DE

• Marsland, Benjamin; Lausanne, CH

• O'Neill, Luke; Dublin, IE

• Paludan, Soren; Aarhus, DK

• Ruland, Jürgen; Munich, DE

• Van de Verdoonk, Frank; Nijmegen, NL 

• Voehringer, David; Erlangen, DE

• Wagner, Hermann; Munich, DE

With this and future meetings we hope to provide an attractive platform for bringing together leading experts, researchers, clinicians and students interested in immunological research by aiming to always feature some of the latest trends in the highly dynamic field of innate immunity. More information may be available at: www.innate-immunity-conference.deWe would be glad to welcome you in Tübingen in September.